I'm Cameron Eigner. I teach freshman composition at Ball State University, where I am currently pursuing my PhD in applied linguistics. My interests span a wide spectrum, including, but not limited to, language revival/preservation, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, and composition curriculum design. At present, my thoughts are focused on the connection between the revival of the Hawaiian Standard language, the continued use of the Hawaiian Creole English dialect, and the difficulties faced by both students and educators in English-speaking Hawaiian public schools.

In 2008 I received my Bachelor's in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing from Western Washington University. I went on to complete a Master's in English from the State University of New York at Binghamton.

When I'm not working in the writing center, I enjoy reading and writing fiction, playing games, and tinkering with technology. I am also the founding editor of -ality fiction journal, a blossoming side-project that exceeds my expectations with every passing day.
I will be teaching ENG104 sections 92 and 96 this spring. 

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