Next semester I will be teaching two sections English 104 - Composing Research.  You should be able to find the syllabus for that and English 103 linked to the right.  These syllabi are meant to be viewed as models for my courses, rather than go-to resources for currently enrolled students.  If you're looking for up to date information on a course you're enrolled in, I would prefer if you do so on Blackboard.

As I continue to design courses, this will be a repository for present and past course materials.  If you're interested in seeing how things change over time, check back at the start of each semester.  I will likely modify the syllabi slightly, though I have every intention of keeping the old versions around for comparison.

Available Syllabi

ENG 103
ENG 103 Fall 2013
ENG 104 Spring 2013 
ECU ENG 1100
ECU ENG 2201