Listed below are some things I think are valuable to students and faculty alike.  Some are tools for organizing research, others are simply places you might get started.  I will add more to this section as time goes on.

Mendeley is a free resource synchronizing program.  It will manage PDF files for you, keeping them consistent across different computers.  It's also wonderful in that it allows you to annotate PDFs and tag them for organization.

Dropbox is no doubt known to you.  If not, it is a great cloud storage service.  No more do you need to worry about e-mailing assignments to yourself.  Just toss them in your Dropbox folder and you can access them anywhere with internet service. hosts an impressive number of video tutorials for pretty much any piece of software you can think of.  Ball State students have free access to the entire site - please take advantage of it.

Prezi helps you create beautiful presentation aids.  It's free and relatively easy to use.  Think PowerPoint, but more fun.

It's Okay to be Smart is a science blog that is an awesome starting point for research.  It provides just enough information to spark curiosity, and it covers a wide range of topics.  The simple blog format makes it easy to pour hours into browsing, so be careful.

The Ball State Writing Center provides assistance with all sorts of writing needs.  Don't expect to drop a paper off and have it proofread, though.  Sessions are scheduled in fifty minute blocks, during which a colleague will go through your work with you, typically reading aloud.  This is a great resource that will come in handy toward the end of the semester.  Schedule appointments early, as they do fill up!

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